Does the new 2022 MacBook M2 Series have AI?


Steve Kelly

6/6/20222 min read

The new 2022 MacBook Pro was unveiled at the annual Apple conference WWDC on June 6th 2022, and many are wondering:

"Does the new 2022 MacBook Pro M2 chipset have AI?"

We'll first say that the 2022 MacBook Pro is a successor to the 2021 MacBook Pro with its M1 chipset, and there's some things to get excited about.

With the new M2 CPU built exclusively for the Apple lineup of MacBook, there's a difference between the new chipset by Apple and its previous M1 CPU. For starters: the new M2 has 20 billion transistors which is a 1/4 more than the previous M1 chipset.

There's also increased support for more memory, with M2 capable of handling 24GB of memory versus the 16GB of memory than M1 was capable of utilizing. Additionally, the M2 has ten GPU cores versus the eight GPU cores that the M1 had. M2 also supports 50% more bandwidth than M1 chip.

Similarities between the two is that M2 and M1 have the same amount of cores - eight, with four faster cores and four low power cores, creating better efficiency for MacBook users. These two chipsets also are built on the same die size, 5nm

While Apple did not specifically state in their WWDC 2022 conference their M2 chip will have AI built-in, we are certain Apple has given artificial intelligence features to create better efficiency and performance in their chip. Common practice with multi-core threads includes using automated systems to create better performance for processing speed, efficiency, and handling of enough the most resource-heavy of tasks.

Artificial Intelligence built into CPUs isn't a new concept, but rather, it is being explored by technology companies as a defining feature of future technologies. Will Apple follow suit with the new M2 processor? We can see that Apple has dug into the concept of using artificial intelligence and machine learning in their processors, but they do not specify more than that.

It's clear that the future of AI is bright. With Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Google, and Apple all being interested in exploring artificial intelligence for their future products and services.

More details will follow.

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WWDC 2022 poster, courtesy of Apple Inc.
WWDC 2022 poster, courtesy of Apple Inc.